Her love for sculpting Els discovered in her late 30's. After introductory workshops in ceramics and clay modeling, she enrolled at the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Arendonk, Belgium.
Ever since her graduation in 2007 she has been gradually building her portfolio.

Originating from a strong intuitive drive, her work mostly explores similarities in shapes of body and nature. Her female torso's are solidly grounded, show curves and forms which are strong yet soft, and seem pliable while having a mind of their own. Her organic forms are coincidentally found stones or branches, but at a closer look resemble shapes of the female body. Her sculptures quite often take extreme postures and positions, but always retain a natural carelessness.

Els lives and works in the Eindhoven area and if this website has made you curious to see the sculptures in real life or meet Els in person, please do make an appointment for a visit.

You are very welcome!